We are committed to using our unique blend of technical expertise and multidisciplinary knowledge to provide reverse engineering services to labor union and other actors.

Our mission is to hold gig-economy apps accountable for their covert practices and ensure that labor violations are brought to light.

By bridging the skills gap in the union sector, we aim to become indispensable advisors and advocates for transparency and fairness in the digital workforce.

This is reversing.works, the Reverse Engineering Task Force.

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  • Simone Robutti
  • Claudio Agosti
  • Joanna Bronowicka
  • Gaetano Priori


Originally established as part of Tracking Exposed, this group has accumulated extensive experience in the field of platform accountability, employing various approaches including reverse engineering. When Tracking Exposed underwent restructuring and became AI Forensics in early 2023, reversing.works assumed a more specialized role, emphasizing workers’ rights and the influence of algorithms and surveillance on them.

This team of experts builds upon prior experiences, particularly in a phase marked by significant shifts in the political and regulatory landscape surrounding the platform economy.